Otter Cub Rescue

Last week we received a call from a report of a very poorly otter cub at Aros loch.
We expect to receive a couple of calls like this a year, and are happy to provide all possible care and attention to any otter who needs help.
Our efforts are often worthwhile, and result in a successful outcome. Since our formation in 2013 we have rescued 4 otter cubs which have been transferred for rehabilitation at either IOSF on Skye, or the SSPCA near Stirling. Of those, two have successfully gone back to the wild, one is still with the SSPCA, and one unfortunately succumbed to its initial trauma.
In addition we have responded to other calls about young otters who potentially needed help, but after observation no action was deemed necessary. But we don’t regard this as a waste of time, we would much prefer people to err on the side of caution and report their concerns.
Last week, Sue Morley rushed to Aros to help the otter cub, which was close to death. Unfortunately on this occasion the story did not have a happy ending, as the cub died soon afterwards. There is nothing that could have been done. It is likely that the cub became separated from its mother and succumbed to cold and dehydration.
Many thanks to Sue, and the lady who reported it.

To report otters in distress or dead otters please phone Sue (North Mull) 07968 438525 or Nigel (South Mull) 07900 918857 or if that fails for any reason SSPCA 03000 999 999. Please don’t handle otters yourself, they are legally protected and even the small ones have teeth.

Otter just after release

To end on a happy note, here is a picture of Gribun the otter cub, being released in 2017 on Mull, after being cared for and reared to adulthood by the SSPCA. What would Gribun have been thinking we wonder during that very first sprint to the sea?