Summer Shows

On Mull early August means the summer shows.  Mull Otter Group thoroughly enjoyed attending the Bunessan Show and the Salen Show this year. Both shows have lots to see and do, and it is a great chance to see how much is going on in the community.

It has to be said, Bunessan faired better with the weather, but the constant rain did not put off visitors to the Salen Show. MOG was very glad to have their stall safely tucked in a tent though.

Mull Otter Group Stall at the Salen Show
Jane Stevens at the Salen Show

We met lots of lovely people and our ‘Feed the Hungry Otter’ game went down a storm, especially with the children.  Many thanks to everyone who visited our stall and helped us raise funds for otter conservation.

Lochbuie Beach Clean

Beach clean volunteers at Lochbuie
Terry, Nigel, Marie, Julie and Loki, the dog.

Yesterday, the Mull Otter Group returned to Lochbuie to finish the beach clean they began on March 6th. Despite the fact that only 4 people turned up, we managed to clear the main beach at Laggan Sands.

About 25 bags of rubbish were collected along with the usual collection of larger items such as fishing crates, containers, and large pieces of rope.

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Kinloch Otter Crossing Road Sign

Otter crossing road sign, Kinloch, Isle of Mull
Nigel, Marie, and Loki at the finished sign

Today the Mull Otter Group completed the erection of their second road sign on Mull that alerts motorists to the fact that otters cross our roads. This road sign is at the Kinloch junction, just before Pennyghael, and the hope is that otters on the South of the island will now be a little less likely to collide with cars as they make their way between the shore and their inland retreats.

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Otter Cub Rescue

ottercub2 Mull Otter Group were called out to rescue a very poorly otter cub at Gribun, Mull on 23rd March. Things did not look good for this little cub, and it was by no means certain that it would survive the night. But, after being rehydrated, and receiving some special care and attention from Jane Stevens, our Chair, it soon perked up.

The otter cub was named Gribun, after the place where he (or she) was found, and soon started to feed well, and become more active.

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Culvert Cleaning

Beach cleaning, Loch Beg, Isle of Mull
Beach cleaning Loch Beg

Mull Otter Group volunteers are still nursing their sore backs and blisters after a hard day’s work culvert cleaning and beach cleaning on Sunday.

Two separate groups worked at two locations: the Fishnish timber pier, and at Loch Beg near the Kinloch junction.  Here we show photos from the latter Continue reading “Culvert Cleaning”

Reflector Installation

volunteering_reflectorsOn Sunday Mull Otter Group volunteers helped with the installation of roadside reflectors in an effort to reduce otter RTAs. This is a work in progress as we trial them for the first time on Mull. With over 25 otter deaths on our roads each year, we are hopeful that if they are successful we will install them in other areas where otters have been killed by vehicles.

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Mull Adopt-a-Beach

Mull Adopt-a-beach logoMull Otter Group is attempting to harness support for an island-wide scheme that seeks to encourage individuals, families, groups and organisations to take greater responsibility for (some of) the mess we humans leave behind.

As Winter storms deliver a new batch of assorted debris onto our coastline, now is the time to mobilise thought into organising clean-ups to take place this Spring. This is vital, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but it also helps protect wildlife that may be at risk of injury or death from discarded plastic and glass.

Green Light for Road Signs

Turning Negatives Into Positives!

2016 promises to be another Big Year in the life and work of Mull Otter Group.

otter_crossing_signMOG has been given the green light to seek permission from local landowners to erect more Otter Warning! road signs at known otter fatality black spots around the island. We hope to have the first of these new signs installed very soon into the New Year.

Argyll and Bute Council has agreed to MOG’s plan to trial the effectiveness of otter reflectors on a stretch of road on the island that has proved to be the worst for otter mortality in recent years. This trial, which may last for 5 years, is potentially viewed as being the best way forward in counteracting the number of otters that are dying on the island’s roads. Continue reading “Green Light for Road Signs”