Otter crossing road sign, Kinloch, Isle of Mull
Nigel, Marie, and Loki at the finished sign

Today the Mull Otter Group completed the erection of their second road sign on Mull that alerts motorists to the fact that otters cross our roads. This road sign is at the Kinloch junction, just before Pennyghael, and the hope is that otters on the South of the island will now be a little less likely to collide with cars as they make their way between the shore and their inland retreats.

Many thanks go out to the volunteers that helped out, as a lot of hard work went into it, as last Sunday three attempts were needed to find a place for the post where it wasn’t solid rock. Whilst all that hard work was going on about four bags of rubbish was collected from the road side. Sadly, most of this would have been thoughtlessly thrown away by passing motorists.

Today the work was completed and the signs were attached to the post, and we are pleased with the results. Good luck to all otters trying to cross the roads out there, hopefully you are a bit safer now.