Full Circle: Rescued Otters Released

Last year we rescued a small abandoned cub, Gribun, which would otherwise have died, and it went off to be reared by the SSPCA and it joined another small cub there. The SSPCA did a splendid job and the otters were mature enough to be returned to Mull for release. Last Thursday we released both otters together at a secret site.

Otter being released

After 6 days of no sightings today we saw the girls swimming, fishing, feeding and chattering together and generally looking like happy otters. Such a great finish to a long journey and it makes MOG’s work so worthwhile.
Our thanks go to the SSPCA team, the lovely lady who found the otter cub and also to a fantastic couple who live close to the release site and are putting out some extra fish daily in case our otters need a supplement in their first few weeks.

Otter just after release