Culvert Operations

The second phase of Mull Otter Group’s ‘Healthy Culvert’ campaign is due to take place on Sunday 16 February. Meeting at the public car park at Craignure at 10.30am, volunteers plan to inspect, clean and clear blocked drainage pipes along a stretch of road known to be a high risk for passage otters.

This follows on from last month’s successful morning when a first batch of unhealthy culverts was identified and renovated, making them more attractive and safer for commuting otters. This is a project that is ongoing and one that will have to be repeated at regular intervals in future.

MOG chairwoman, Jane Stevens said:

“Drainage culverts can easily become blocked or waterlogged depending on the weather.

A blocked or waterlogged culvert soon becomes inaccessible to otters, which have no choice but to cross a road under such circumstances.”

Culvert Operations
Culvert Operations

Otters do employ roadside culverts in order to safely navigate roads, but do so in an inconsistent way. This is largely down to poor weather causing culverts to silt up and become blocked. There is, however, no guarantee that clearing culverts will prevent otters from dying on Mull’s roads, yet such remedial action may help safeguard the lives of some animals in future by giving them an option.

Culvert clearing can be good fun, giving members a chance to meet up and get to know each other, while making a positive contribution towards local otter conservation.

So, if you have a few hours to spare and fancy lending a helping hand, please contact Ruth Fleming (01688 301213) for further details.