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If you encounter an abandoned or orphaned otter cub or an injured otter please contact one of the following immediately:-

Sue Morley (North Mull)  Tel: 07968 438525

Nigel Burch (South Mull) Tel: 07900 918857

SSPCA Tel: 03000 999 999

Please do not try and handle any otter without authorisation from the SSPCA or the International Otter Survival Fund. Otters are not cuddly pets and an otter in distress can be quite ferocious!

Please do not interfere with otter cubs too soon. Their mother may return soon, so it is better to observe for a while unless they are obviously ill. Please phone us, and we will advise, and do our best to attend the scene.

Please also report dead otters to us.

Jane Putsey (Secretary),
Mull Otter Group,
Cala Sona,
Isle of Mull,
PA66 6BL