Otter Sighting Report

Thank you for taking the time to report an otter sighting on Mull. The information you provide will help to build up a wider picture of the density and health of the otter population on the Isle of Mull. Our otter population is widespread over many miles of coastline and sightings such as yours are an invaluable source of information that could help otter conservation. Please note that all data provided in your sighting report is treated as confidential. We never share information on where otters are located.

If you see a dead, injured, distressed or orphaned otter contact us directly here.

Note 1

If your sighting report is of multiple otters in the same location at the same time please submit a single form for that sighting. E.g. a mother and one or more cubs or two or more adults or two groups of otters.

Note 2

It will be assumed that the otter(s) you saw appeared to be healthy unless you state otherwise in your sighting.