Otter Watching

Many visitors and locals enjoy seeing otters. Otters are one of the key species that wildlife enthusiasts hope to encounter on Mull, and arguably there isn’t anywhere better to find them.

otter amongst seaweed and rock

Copyright Barry Turner

The Isle of Mull has over 300 miles of coastline, a lot of which can support otters, hence the island has one of the highest densities of otters in the country. Mull has a wide range of other fauna and flora, making it a nature-lover’s paradise.

Otters are sensitive to environmental changes and disturbance so please read our guidance on how to watch them responsibly.

Good luck with your otter watching!  And don’t forget to report your otter sightings to help with our research.


Click on the links for more information about viewing otters in a responsible manner. Where, When and How           Otter Watching Guidelines